My latest images for sale at Shutterstock:

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Sorry I haven't posted much lately - I have been very busy with other things and too tired in the evenings to think much about stock. I will try for a proper update later this week.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Messy spreadsheet

Now that I have had sales with seven different agencies the spreadsheet is begining to look a bit messy. If anyone fancies having a go at redesigning it for me I would be very grateful...

Monday, 8 November 2010

Selling them cheap, piling them high.

I had a great day today, with 21 sales across all agencies. Quite a few of these came from images I uploaded over the weekend, so it has been great to be getting some returns from that effort already.

I should maybe say that the figure shown on my spreadsheet for Fotolia earnings is an estimate. Fotolia show earnings as credits which then equate to a conversion rate in your home currency. So I have to convert from credits to pounds to dollars for the sake of the spreadsheet and I can't always be bothered (not every day anyway!) Bear with me, I will try and get it accurate for the end of month total.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Income Stats for October

As you can see from the spreadsheet, my final earnings for October were $213.86. As expected, this was quite a way down from previous months where I averaged about $350. I dropped exclusivity roughly mid-month at iStock with $115.96 of income at that point, so made $77.20 there as an independent in the remaining half of the month. Income from other agencies combined for a lowly $20.70 - to be expected given that I had only a few images for sale for a short period of time.

So too early to be able to draw any meaningful conclusions from this, apart from the obvious - there will be a lean period as you transistion from exclusive to indie. I am still confident that I will be able to match my exclusive income at some point, but that will obviously be dictated by the speed at which I upload to other sites.

My portfolio is finally visible on Dreamstime so I start the month with a presence of sorts on all the big four sites. I'm off now to do some more keywording into Exif - a wee tip for any non-Americans looking to get a head start with this - Shutterstock don't recognise non-US spellings so you will have to use color, aluminum etc instead of the proper spellings.....