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Monday, 8 November 2010

Selling them cheap, piling them high.

I had a great day today, with 21 sales across all agencies. Quite a few of these came from images I uploaded over the weekend, so it has been great to be getting some returns from that effort already.

I should maybe say that the figure shown on my spreadsheet for Fotolia earnings is an estimate. Fotolia show earnings as credits which then equate to a conversion rate in your home currency. So I have to convert from credits to pounds to dollars for the sake of the spreadsheet and I can't always be bothered (not every day anyway!) Bear with me, I will try and get it accurate for the end of month total.


  1. Congrats on your great day. I would be thrilled to get 17 sales in a day, these days - or any day! I rarely sell more than 10 images in a day anymore. For a while that was the norm, but it hasn't been that way now for eons. If I get 5 in a day now, it's cartwheel time.

  2. Actually it was 21 sales in the end, including my first sales on DepositPhoto and CanStock. I will edit the post. Thanks for your comments Marisa.

  3. 21 is awesome Bridget congrats. I suspect it is still not making up the income from iStock, but you have a lot of images still to upload.

  4. Dang. Maybe complaining *is* constructive? It's only 11:28am and I already have 11 IS dls today. This hasn't happened in months. Years, maybe!

  5. It would be interesting to see the number of downloads in your spreadsheet. So we can compare the income per download on the different sites.
    I'm also thinking about getting independent, although I don't have the time at the moment to manage all these applications and uploads.
    It seems reasonable to me to begin with the best selling images, since the chance is good that they also sell well on other sites. That would be the fastest way to get back to your old income. On the other side you may first want to check what is accepted by the inspectors and what's not.

  6. I had a ton of sales lately, 8-16 per day, but as soon as I met my RC target they dropped like a stone.