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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Big push for the New Year

My sales now seem to be winding down for Christmas so this is a good time to work on uploading with the aim of getting more sales in the New Year. I lost my uploading mojo for a wee bit there, but the EL at Veer has fired me up again.

I popped into the iStock forums today and was disturbed (but not surprised) to read that many contributors will not be making the RC goal and did not see the promised 50% of annual revenue in the last four months of the year. All I can say to you is - come and join me - this indie malarkey is fun and stress-free. The different sites give you different information regarding your sales, which taken as a whole can offer a very valuable insight into who is buying your images and where they hail from (via Shutterstock's excellent new world map feature) and also what keywords they used to find your image (via Dreamstime's sales log). I think in the long run this decision will make me a far better stock photographer.

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