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Thursday, 2 December 2010

November stats

Once again apologies for the lack of posts here - things were just starting to improve when we had a massive snowfall here in Edinburgh which has made life tough in all sorts of new ways. So I am still not able to devote much time to stock and in particular uploading.

As you will see from the spreadsheet, my income for November was just a couple of bucks higher than October. I was exclusive at iStock for the first two weeks of October so I have managed to make a little headway with my independent earnings to compensate for that in November. Although my indie income figures aren't great, I think they are ok considering the relatively few images I have uploaded to each site. In image terms what I have online so far is about 10% of what I have available so I am still quite optimistic about earning considerably more as an indie than I did as an iStock exclusive.

The figure of $23 for Dreamstime has been inflated by the $14 I received from their 'dash for cash' type promotion, otherwise it would have been remarkably similar to my Fotolia earnings. I had one small EL in November on Fotolia, for which I received five credits or about five dollars (so not much really).

Veer have at last started reviewing my images and have so far accepted a high percentage of them. This is consistent with what I have heard about them from others. They didn't start reviewing these til the very end of the month, so the two sales I had there came from my tiny portfolio of nine initial application images. As such it does make me feel quite hopeful for my future earnings there. I like Veer. Give them a try, but remember to be very, very patient.


  1. It's impressive that you have retained 75% of your iStock sales despite dropping exclusivity - or was October partly non-exclusive, I can't remember.
    Gota get uploading to those other sites Bridget!

  2. Following your numbers closely Bridget. Good results bearing in mind your ports are still tiny in most sites. I have done some research. You´ll find a sitemail today ;-)

  3. Hi Dave - October was a half/half, exclusive/indie month, but November was obviously all indie. Yes, my iS sales are a lot better than I had expected, but these are of course pre-January-wage-cut figures...

    Thanks Fernando.

  4. I am really interesting in what the figures will be like when you have you whole portfolio everywhere.
    Bridget, if you were able to give 5 hours a day to stock how long do you estimate it would take you to get you 660 files up everywhere? Also have you been using any software to upload for you? (like lookstat)

  5. Following with great interest Bridget. I've even opened an account on Alamy for RM but might go further than that sometime soon, being still one of the little people.

  6. Good going, trailblazer. Looks like the new istock will work well for some people, very much not for others. I'm still on the up. Are you shooting at all?

  7. Hey there. My StockFresh application was finally approved today. I don't know if it happened on its own or if it was in response to an email I sent them saying, "Hey - what's up with my app?" Has yours come through yet?

  8. Hi Marisa, I haven't put my application in to them yet, will try and do that over Christmas.

    Thanks everyone for all the other comments - hoping to get back to shooting/uploading in the New Year,