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Saturday, 1 January 2011

A good start to the New Year

Anyone who managed to make it to the end of my last post will remember that I had my best-selling image (on iStock) rejected at Shutterstock for 'limited commercial value'. I sent it back to them last night with a message to the reviewer telling them that it was a successful image on iS and giving them the link to it's page there so that they could see download numbers, date of submission etc. The image was approved overnight and had already had a sale when I woke up this morning, bought by someone in the south of Mexico.

I was pleasantly surprised by this and makes me feel hopeful that I can get some of my other Shutterstock rejections overturned, either by downsizing or by way of a specific plea.

Another bit of good news - Veer seem to have their queue under control now - my last submissions were reviewed in less than a week.

Happy New Year everyone...


  1. That is good news Bridget. It seems daft that a file with proven commercial potential is rejected.

  2. That is definitely good to know - I think that is my biggest fear right now - I know I will be frustrated beyond belief when some of my best sellers are rejected as "limited commercial value". It seems that is the biggest warning I have received from others thus far.

  3. Great News Bridget,

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!

  4. That's fantastic, Bridget! Congrats and Happy New Year! My crown finally came off today (perfect timing to start 2011) so I can officially kick off my career as an indie on this auspicious day: 1-1-11.

  5. Wooo hooo! Great news Marisa! I will amend the 'roll call' post on the forum....
    Best of luck - maybe you could start a new post on the forum to let us know how you get on - you should hear back from agencies re applications/first submissions within a matter of hours....