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Monday, 17 January 2011

Panthermedia - a warning

I applied today to Panthermedia, a German mid/micro stock site. I really can't recommend them, in fact I would suggest you avoid them.

At first I was given a strange set of account options to chose from which made little sense to me. Having picked one that sounded most likely I was then told that I had to pay 35 euro cents to register my paypal account with them. This made no sense either but I went ahead and paid it as it isn't a huge amount. It didn't seem to be possible to bypass this stage and continue with the application. I then had to complete a childish and frustrating contributor quiz before I was allowed to upload.

With over a hundred images sitting waiting I was looking forward to firing these up with the sort of speed I have achieved elsewhere, ie Crestock recently. But oh dear, the upload interface is dreadful. All fields have to be filled in prior to upload, which means no reading keywords etc from the metadata. They also require you to go through and select all kinds of options ie age of model, emotion displayed by model etc. I didn't bother.

I did some googling and found some forum posts from July 2009 by Panthermedia staff promising a new upload interface imminently. As far as I can tell this hasn't happened. A lot of other photogs were moaning about the paypal payment and upload time. Those that had persevered complained of long inspection wait times and a poorly managed site.

I feel ripped off (even if only for 35c) and annoyed by them. Don't bother unless you fancy wasting either your money or your time.

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  1. I didn´t get this on I registered on PM, really curious, their upload process is a mess, but they have a few sales every month